Saturday, 29 January 2011

Oil Containment - The Best Way to Contain Oil

Oil containment seemed like a major fuss but it is very essential to those who not only have concerns of oil spills breaking loose, but the potential harm it will do if the spill happened at the sea. There are many way to contain oil, as the latest research said that human hair can almost soak up some of the oil that was accidentally spilled at the sea. In respect to that, some companies have developed a lot of variation concerning absorbing oil. The product that seems to have that capability is the one that can contain hydrocarbons, which is the main component of oil itself. The main reason for the absorbent to have this is because of the highly absorbent polypropylene, which repels water and attracts only oil.
Oil containment is amassed by every oil companies for the sole purpose of recovering their precious oil itself. The process of oil containment was the sucking of oil along with salt water back then but it causes drawbacks as some oil are not full sucked and that remainder killed some of the living creatures in the place. Oil containment procedures are then enhanced by extensive research and then they found out about the capability of polypropylene that can interact only with liquids that has hydrocarbons and thus the solution for oil spills. To think that containing is now an easy job is still a no-no.
A major oil spill can actually be contained so easily even with those discoveries and if so, may require a lot of money to make the oil spill disappear. There are oil spill separators, high powered pumps and a mass of gadget that will require the filtration of oil from seawater. Oil containment can also be hard since that cleaning an oil spill can take years. However, like they say, if the oil spill is much smaller then anyone can deal with it as long as they knew what to use. The internet has a wide variety of absorbents that may fit the characteristics of absorbing oil and leaving water behind since it contains polypropylene and it is now commercially used on modern day absorbents. There are also net bags that contain the same component for absorbing oil in a minimal level. But regarding of the price will take you to thinking if you really need it. But if you really want to get rid of that pesky oil on, let's say the aquarium, you could really use something that handy rather than torturing the fishes by putting them on another container while you clean the whole aquarium up.
So to say, oil containment is now possible if the situation is on the minimal edge, but if the oil were on a massive level, it may take years to do so, or take you to a million plus clean up to do so, so for a researcher to find the best way to solve this kind of crisis may be beneficial and will lead to a better discovery for the environment, but if you just want to clean something like the aquarium, please, don't torture the fish, just give polypropylene a try.
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