Saturday, 29 January 2011

How to Reduce Pollution in Towns!

I will now tell you a true story. We have been traveling a lot B and me, and there are two places we like more than others. The first place is Laguna Niguel in California, USA and the second place is Perth in Australia.
The politicians in Perth have really managed to do one thing regarding getting cars out of town.
Its easy, just put a few buses up to run in and around the town. Let them run every 8 minutes and do not charge anything. Good is it not?
Do you wonder what this does to the atmosphere in the town? Its very laidback - very nice. No stress what so ever. And there is less pollution in the air. So the next question is why is this not done in every town?
Could it be that the politicians in Perth were able to look beyond the budget concerning the towns welfare.
Or perhaps Laguna Niguels solution is good too. This town was planned on the drawing table before building. That means it is no more than 10 to 15 minutes to whatever you want to do: seaside, shopping, cinema etc
This is so much better than what the politician in Norway has been able to come up with! They only raise the cost of petrol and put up toll ring every where, and that does not stop the cars driving in to Towns.
In Norway they should make parking houses around the outskirts of every Towns and do what they do in Perth, Australia. Free busses in Towns, that way they really take the responsibility of infrastructure and pollution.
I'm in a business who is most interested in products who is pollution and toxic free. My name is Marianne Grytoyr.