Saturday, 29 January 2011

Oil Hits $135 Per Barrel - What Are Alternative of Petrol Cars

One of the big news is that crude oil hit $135 per barrel and it is really going to affect every people directly or indirectly. New report says that it will reach $200 barrel very soon. Then there will be chances that we would not be able to afford it and after some time petrol will extinct from the earth. We should ready for that condition and start looking for alternative option of petrol cars. Some of the alternative are given below
Solar powered cars: They are best alternative of petrol cars because it runs by the help of sun energy and there is no end of sun energy it will remain as long as earth. But major drawback of it is that we wont be able to drive it at night time and in that you would not be able to go on night drive with your girl friend.
Compressed air Cars : The air car is powered by an electric pump that compresses the air into a tank, the air in turn pumps some pistons. The cars top speed is 70 mph (115 kph) and it can travel up to 50 miles (80 k) on a full 'tank'.(supposedly further at lower speeds). The pump that is used to power the car simply plugs into a normal household socket and takes four hours for a full charge. As fro the cost of a full charge, apparently only $2.50 at French electricity prices. The only emission to come out of the exhaust is cold air. The only emission to come out of the exhaust is cold air. It'll cost next to nothing to run (how do 30,000km service intervals sound?), have a range of up to 1000 miles, and retail for well under US$20,000. it will launch up to 2010 in America
Hydrogen Powered Cars : It is run by the help Hydrogen as a fuel. The power plants of such vehicles convert the chemical energy of hydrogen to mechanical energy (torque) in one of two methods: combustion, or electrochemical conversion in a fuel-cell. In fuel-cell conversion, the hydrogen is reacted with oxygen to produce water and electricity, the latter of which is used to power an electric traction motor. A potential advantage of hydrogen is that it could be produced and consumed continuously, using solar, water, wind and nuclear power for electrolysis. Currently, however, hydrogen vehicles utilizing hydrogen produce more pollution than vehicles consuming gasoline, diesel, or methane in a modern internal combustion engine, and far more than plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. This is because, although hydrogen fuel cells generate no CO2, production of the hydrogen creates additional emissions.
Battery electric Cars: The battery electric Cars utilizes chemical energy stored in rechargeable battery packs, and electric motors and motor controllers instead of internal combustion engines (ICEs). The main advantages of battery Cars are that no pollutants are emitted directly by the vehicle potentially reducing urban pollution and petrol is replaced by electricity. The electricity stored within the battery can be generated by any source, including renewable, nuclear, natural gas, coal and petroleum. Battery cars are getting popular these days. There is also reduction in noise pollution.
Bullock Cart : They are best alternative of all things because neither they produce pollution nor they consume more resources and they are very cheap to use. There speed also not effect the people live in Urban because there is already so much traffic on roads that even the fastest cars can run at the speed of Bullock cart. So it is better to go for Bullock cart.