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Why are Birds and Fish Dying

If you happen to be one of those people left bewildered with no idea whatsoever about why are birds and fish dying in such large numbers all over the world, the following writeup will help you clear all your doubts about these mass deaths of animals.
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gofigure 1975, Chinese officials evacuated the city of Haicheng (population about 1 million) based on reports from scientists and lay observers in a wide region of unusual observations. Over a period of months, changes in land elevation and ground water levels had been reported, and there were widespread accounts of peculiar animal behavior and other possible precursors to an earthquake. Present Day tons of dead fish that is being washed up the shores and dead birds found lying on the roof-tops of houses across the world has left people bewildered.
days later on February 4, 1975. The magnitude 7.3 earthquake struck the region.
clive pettitt it is a fact that for 1000's years the magnetic core of the earth has been weakening to the point now that the magnetic shield which protects us from solar radiation is breaking up, the sun is particularly active now. this could be the cause 3/10/2011
TP Rj Bossman you said you like to know about new events do you mean any events related to nature like stuff only or do you also believe in Biblical events? if so have you seen the videos on youtube of the ball of fire that came down over the Dome in Jerusalem? That was a real deal there. The Bible says there would be wonders in the Heavens above and signs in the earth below before the comeing of the Lord.Thats in the book of Acts. The snow storms and birds and all that are signs... The tribulation period is ither already began or just beginning or very close at hand. Your right things are happening... 2/21/2011
rjbossman97 SOMETHING big is going to happen soon, so everyone be ready. We might not know what is going yo happen nut for sure something is going to happen, I mean really there have been record breaking snow storms, large numbers of birds dying , earthquakes , everything is changing. The government is trying as hard as they can to keep it a secretthey know there is something bad going to happen, but they just want to make you feel comfortable. I don't know about other people, but I would love to know more information and new events that have been happening. They think we can't handle the truth , but the truth are facts and facts are ment to be juiced. 2/17/2011
melissa again Hi all I just finished reading everyones comments and found it very interesting in how we are all together putting our thinking caps on to find a solution to these bizzare events.
1st - its not posion or us humans would of got sick & died considering the large amount of dead birds & fish around the world.
2nd - religion there is so many of them well there is good & bad in everyone which way you go is your choice & the saying is god help those who help themselvels & christ help those who don't, so do not freak out.
3rd- yes the planet axel is always shifting I remember this happened when I was in my early teens and I am 42yrs now.
And also pulling out all minerals & other from the earth and digging & other we do is eventually going to make the planet sick. its like us constantly going to the blood bank every day giving blood your body would just give out after a while. And out side the planet & universe things happen out there as well gases & other so that is why we are having so much disasters around the world and more off. remember the earth is not hanging in space from a string of fishing wire we have certain elements holding us up there, think outside the square.
4th- also think of all the UFO siteings recently that last one in Israle heeps of people got good footage of it & myself and my family and some friends saw something triangler & metaltic in the sky here in Australia NSW western suburbs all of us looking straight at it clear with our eyes and for a close up with bonoculars and it wasnt a kite or a plane how it hovered and then took off. some of our friends were speachless & freaked out saying I know what we just saw but!?
Maybe these other life forms that may be the pleasant visitors, im sure there would be nasty ones too, out in space. maybe they are worried for us humans and they must be ok they havnt tried to have a go we are doing a good job of that ourselves there are so much aggression and volioence around the world
whats happen to people. we need to get back intouch with ourselves for why we are really here - it's funny when people think it is the end of the world material things do not even enter the mind only survial does,things like this really makes you stop and think how precious life is and you can't put a price on it you just learn from it.
melissa Well my mum here in Australia, got a call from her best friend in Norway, Oslo & she mentioned that they had the same thing up further north of Norway, that large amounts of birds & tones of fish died and everyone was puzzled & still to this day?
Did UFO's came into our atmosphere with great spead & made a sonic boom & wiped out our birds & fish. Maybe they thought that the world was at an end considering we all tried to out do ourselves with the biggest fireworks ever. And from out in space it would of looked like the earth was blowing up.
thoughtful You should be able to rule out the weather as the cause some what quickly, unless im missing something im sure that all of these places and countries are not and were not experincing the same weather at the same time.. meaning the fish and birds couldnt have died from the same cause. Personally i believe that fireworks was a senseless assumption to begin with. im not a person of much science or weather. Really, giving the options of reasons why the birds and fish are dying i dont really know. its a conflicting matter to decide on really. 1/28/2011
TP Read acts 2:19, also We are at the 11th hour as it speaks of in the Bible (the parable of the 11th hour labourers Matt.20). WW1 and the armistice was signed at 11 11 11and goes with that parable, the WW1 was stopped so that the 11th hour people (we are at the 11th hour) could come and receive a penny, representing (the Holy Spirit) get oil (spirit) in their lamps before the comeing of the Lord the 12th hour which is midnight (the midnight cry matt .25) we must have oil (spirit) to be able to see at midnight. So everyone has oppurtunity to recieve The Holy spirit before the 12th hour which we are quickly approaching. 1/26/2011
Cyndi Think maybe even some kind of chemical or biological warfare! But then again, is there something so great that could be in the entire world?! 1/25/2011
Cyndi Gilliam I live in the deep south and we have had unusual blizzard like conditions here in Alabama. Including a white Christmas! I am 40 and never have had a white Christmas! I believe in all my reasoning that it is a shift in the earths axis misplacing our atmosphere. And I believe with a shift so great it would cause high pressure in the atmosphere and in our waters leading to the "drowning" of fish, and less oxygen in our skies for the birds. I believe our highest and lowest altitudes suffer the most from the beginning. I believe we are in the beginning of something marvelous and great! I'm not sure whether I agree with the 2012 theory but something is happening. Have you ever seen the movie "The Core"? Gosh, how close in comparison! 1/25/2011
bks i think the animals are dying because we are indeed loosing our electromagnetic field. if so the fluid in the core of earth will stop rotating. i believe this is the start to anew begining. without our field the earth will be exposed to solar storm. it would usually take 3 to 4 days for the heat to reach earth. in 2005 a very strong blast reached earth in30 minutes. scientist say if it would of came 8 minutes soner the world wouldve burned 1/21/2011
SofN maybe the end is near but we should n0t be afraid. I just knew that we already have the 13th sign Ophiuchus. that's amazing. Change is in the wheel of motion. 1/18/2011
angel warrior sign of the times...yes its time for God to end this world..too much sin and not enough love 1/18/2011
John I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and I just saw that there were dead birds, I think it was only in the hundreds but still it adds to the puzzle 1/13/2011
Narlou I think ethan that connects to my idea that the magnetic field has something to do with the massive deaths of the animals. charles chapman we also have same idea here. But i think earths polarity has changed already. I haven't done so much research but if you remember the February 27 2010 quake in Chile, rating a magnitude of 8.8, it may be the cause of Earth's polarity shift. I also heard that polar shift was once happened many years ago and we are already due to it, meaning its our time to! Search this one in You tube "Pole shift forces airports to make adjustments" and "Pole Shift 2010: Chilean Quake Shifted Earth's Axis, NASA Scientist Says". i really hope to discuss to you about this matter guys coz i agree with "No Name" that information is not being given so that people won't panic. I am one of the commoners here who wants to know whats happening to our world. I dont have internet connections here but I just went out to see a cafe to search why thse things happen coz just a few minutes ago when i went out in my dormitory I saw a lot of birds flying and creating so odd chirps. then when i went to a carenderia to eat, the lovebirds in the cages in that eatery were also creating odd sounds. i remembered a news days ago about birds dropping dead from the sky, just were so much alike to the movie "the core", anyone saw it? It is also about the magnetic thing.. better see it. 1/13/2011
Narlou shifting of Earth's polarity/magnetic field may have something to do with this 1/13/2011
Skeptic First of all its not just one species, but different species in different parts of the world. May be the ability of these species to adapt to the change in environment was low and therefore it gave in to extreme cold! 1/11/2011
Teresa Pp you have a very good point , i havent thought of that. Its large groups of the same kind of critters , like for instance why didnt other kinds of fish die or other kinds of birds why large groups of the same kind .Why wasnt whatever it was that was killing them kill other stuff in the sea too? Good thought... 1/11/2011
terin there is so much technologgy they should know what is up. 1/10/2011
Jack from ny Aliens ! 1/10/2011
bob I believe either they've been poisoned..i mean us humans have created this Earth into one huge Toxic Wasteland. Or, the animals are tuning into something..and something really bad is going to happen. 1/10/2011
Pp Many birds in the sky and many fishes in the sea, river, lake, why only large group of same kind dies. Could be the start of world war 3. 1/10/2011
P2 Maybe there is a plague coming this year, we seen what happen many years ago when there was the black plague. It was said that mice carry the disease. Maybe this time it's something else, I understand if it was many birds and fishes but, the same kind of birds and fishes, pretty fishy. I think there is gonna be alot of death this year either from natural cause or from one another killing each other. We human are same kind too so large group of us will die 1/10/2011
miles j. i think it's a sign of the end of days 4 sure. 1/10/2011
Lisa birds drinking (river) or flying in contaminated water source (rain) in Ark. Poisoned. Passed out due to oxygen deprivation and hit the ground, blunt trauma. Fish are also dying from oxygen deprivation due to same poison in their water. 1/10/2011
Robyn I am wondering if the fish could have become ill from reasons linked to the massive oil spill and in turn the birds may have eaten the sickend
ed birds causing their deaths as well.
V Wow...this whole thing is totally insane I am scared...What is happeneing? I'm loosing my ability to look at the world in a possitive light becuase of all the sad things going on everyday around us. For so many years I've tried to avoid news in order to live with a piece of mind but now no matter what, I cant avoid the sorrow of this world 1/9/2011
william I believe there has been a climate shift. Blue stains in the mouth of these birds? couldn't that be caused by freezing to? just wondering 1/9/2011
ethan birds are like a compass they guide themselves by the magnetic field and if something goes wrong with the magnetic field its like if they were blind so they can crash that what i know 1/9/2011
Skeptic The days of divine intervention are gone. If birds fall from the sky and die there has to be some reason for that, but we can't just say its divine intervention which - if i am not wrong, points the needle of suspicion at 2012 phenomenon again. Isn't its lame that we have been studying the evolution of man on one hand and believing in evolution facilitated by divine intervention on the other hand. If we don't have the answer to some question today we can try to find it. Sooner or later we are bound to find it. 1/9/2011
Sam MacSon No offense to your article or beliefs, but why does it seem that every news article I read just so happens to turn a blind eye to the slight possibility that there may be some divine intervention going on? Like many people I know have said: "There's no way that all of these incidents can occur without some...I don't know, 'Godly' powers." What I'm trying to say is, give it a thought. Because (some of us believe) it's a sign to get everyone's attention. 1/9/2011
Dawn Read the Bible, Book of Hosea Chapter 4, Verses 1 thru 3 1/8/2011
Cindy Egan I just know you will know what to do with this info my fellow Human Who wishes The highest and best for all of life on Our Great Mother Earth! I believe the Dead Birds and Fish Around the World is from or has to do with the WiFi Electronic Grid Fence. The broadcasting signals de-magnified and are sending high frequencie beams down to the earth which the birds fly into this beam and get confused and fall from the sky . Along with the fish. The beam hits the water and a school of fish and make it so there gills could not work proper and they could not get enough oxygen. I am not sure what it did to the crabs in England. I think maybe something about little organs not working proper. Thank you for your time and kindness. Joy, Peace, Love & Light
Cindy Egan :O)
charles chapman i think its all related to the coming polar shift,oxygen reduction at higher levels and methane build up in the oceans,causing depleted oxygen,deepwater horizon was a cover up the real problem was and continues to be the methane gas. 1/8/2011
455465 they need to tell us the truth notb some because of fire works 1/8/2011
mia hello i think this is scary and sad cuz i love fish and birds :( so hope that is all thats gonna die! 1/8/2011
alf its a good article but you haven't cleared any doubts nor answered any questions 1/8/2011
mickey chick Maybe some new disease? I don't think apocalypes! I don't believe in that type of stuff! I hope they figure out whats going on & are able too stop it! 1/8/2011
bree k its disese and the weather, its not that hard to figure out 1/8/2011
Teresa Tasha , i thought the same thing about it representing the ending of the age of Pisces,the fish dying off that is.
... just like the towers(11) falling represented the ending up of the 11th hour going into the 12th hour (midnight)
no name I don't think it's a coincidence or that we the public have been given all the facts in the case. Therefore it is difficult to draw informed conclusions when we are mostly in the dark. I believe that information is not being given so that people won't panic. 1/7/2011
Mel I think the Myan Calendar is real this time! And i havent lived a long happy life yet:( 1/7/2011
Joel I heard some people think it's a release of poisonous gases from tectonic shifts. If these birds are running into pockets of these gases maybe it's suffocating them. Are all these occurrences on/near fault lines? And if that's the case, should these places be prepared for seismic activity? 1/7/2011
Jackie I think it could be a combination of factors,..
The toxins and dispersants from the oil spills,.. as there is exchange occurs between ocean and atmosphere and clouds,. I dont know the scientific name for it,. but u can see the exchange when u see the rays from the clouds on the ocean,. then of coarse the cluds travel,. just like we have acid rains, it is constantly re-cycling between air and land and ocean, the current of the ocean,..
Another factor to be considered is GMO,.. as it has been stated that the honey bees are all dying also,. and the significant factor was the majority were around greenhouses,. and of coarse were also commercially produced bees,. crossbreeding in the wild,..
Of coarse honey bees are vital to the eco system,. and pollenate the plants and flowers,.. and here is were the GMO comes in,..
Were ever GMO i s introduced ,. they are finding infection,. contamination and even the death of cattle,. the seeds are airborne,. and mixing with organic produce,.
Fot me this is the single most catastrophic ,. and foolish thing mankind is doung to Mother earth and humanity,.
Gmo is toxic inside out to the core,.. and is also virtually indestructable,. it WILL produce ,. future disease such as HIV,. and cancers that are incurable,.. and many farmers are having to abondon their fields and many in India are committing suicide,. as they are so distraughtb by the results,..
USA has a nerve to pruduce an article stateing that it should punish the E U,. for not jumping on the bandwagon,. and they have even offered bribes to third world countries who are starving,.. and have refused the seeds,. so tjhat should speak for itself,.
So now the seeds and other GMO,. and all the toxins are in the air the land nd even seeping into the soils,.. I hate to thin what will happen if GMO fish escape into the oceans,. lakes and streams,.
next there is CHEMTREAILS,.
haarp is capable of altering the weather,. it is capable of directly targeting,. specifically,. wether it be land,. buildings houses,. people or creatures,..
so take ur choice,. does it surprise us,..
I doubt it,. for many of us it is obvious,.. and the GOV dont care,. as life to them os based on power and control,. in the form of aggression and war,. and all for profit and greed,.
people are waking by the 1000,s ,.. but b4 this is over many will die,..
"THEY" know what they are doing,. it is well planned,..
Jabez The Mothership sent out fleets to lookin on humankind; believe it or not, we are approaching a new level of existing with the living earth and atmosphere(s). There is a creator living all around us, check the history records! 1/7/2011
Casandra Morton I was awaken this morning with startling revelation by the Holy Spirit saying THE IS NO PLACE TO HIDE. We have had hurricans, floods, valcanos, fires floods, tornado but never before death falling from the sky and washing up to shore as this time. It was revealed to me as Black Rain and coughing sea. God is trying to tell us that there is no place we can hide from him. Man think they can build on other planets and hide or go under sea in submarines and hide, but God says no place will be unrevealed to him. The heavens and the world all belongs to him. I think it is a time that we all need to go into prayer. The only way out is salvation. The oil spill did not cough up as many dead fish as it had done this time with no explanation. The birds falling around the world is God tell us either you are for him or against him. This is a example of how he will chew you up and spit you out if you are luke warm. It is his way of telling us no matter where you are he can reach you. When man tried to say it was the fireworks, the birds started to fall in different areas as to rule mans theory out. samr thing for the fish. Amen. 1/7/2011
moki In the book of revalations it says that one third of animals will die,
or something very similar. Some christians believe 2012 will be the year of the rapture. If this phenomenom was a natural and innocent occurance, then I believe the government/media wouldn't be so hasty with child like stories.
Al This is very disturbing to me,It sounds like "the canary in the coal mine" 1/7/2011
Gerald Caldeira I believe these birds and fish deaths are a result of climate change or toxic pollution in our air and water. I only hope that we will get the truth about what are causing these deaths and not some cover-up of the real causes. 1/7/2011
Unknown I Believe that time will only show more than we have ever seen before, we are able to gather news and compare, I believe this is all governmental. 1/7/2011
tasha I belive that the cause of fish dieing all over the world , is mailly because we are appching the end of the AGE . the PISCES age that is, which is the age of the fish. just recently found that SC has experience a large mass of fish dieing on their FOLLY beach coast. 1/7/2011
Ray 2012 is coming 1/7/2011
Melvin I believe nature is getting ready to what is coming. It is an end of a life cycle and we were the lucky ones in these new life group to experience it this time.