Saturday, 12 March 2011

A Railroad Spill Containment Guide

By Travis Zdrazil
Platinum Quality Author
Oil spills are a major environmental and health hazard and therefore have to be managed and controlled very carefully. Oil spills have instant adverse effects on the surfaces they impact, and these effects can last for long spells of time unless immediate measures are taken to handle the spill. The awareness of these hazards has led to dire legal consequences for those who fail to take prompt and effective action in the event of an oil spill.
For railroad companies special railroad spill containment products are available. Being prepared with proper products and courses of action in case of oil spills will not only help you avoid legal hassles, but also show your dedication to nurturing the environment and preventing pollution as much as possible.
Today's market offers several types of equipment to handle oil spills. The most popular product is the railroad track mat which is designed to fit inside and outside of the rails. This barrier track mat is a unique, 3-layered mat construction with a polypropylene core, a UV resistant cover stock and a impermeable bottom barrier which prevents the absorbed fluids from leaching out into the soil. It will absorb nearly three gallons of oil or petroleum products per yard.
It is available in 59" widths for placement between rail, while the 19" width is ideal for placement on outside rails for capturing spills.
Other railroad spill containment products that should be on hand when loading and unloading rail cars or performing maintenance are spill kits, absorbent booms, absorbent pads and containment berms. If dealing with 55 gallon drums in maintenance areas it is required that secondary spill containment products be used such as drum spill pallets, IBC spill pallets or hard top spill pallets.
The railroad track mat was originally designed for use only between or alongside railway tracks. Its use has however expanded because of its effectiveness and is now being employed extensively by utilities, refineries, transportation companies, steel mills, and various other organizations which require high-absorbency mats. It is an excellent product to use under leaky machines and vehicles.
A great selection of products are available online. Answers to questions or advise can be obtained through email or toll free numbers.
By using the oil spill containment products which are easily obtainable today, managing oil spills is not at all impossible. Prevention is the best cure. One should regularly inspect all areas to insure railroad spill containment products are being used properly and are available on site.
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