Saturday, 12 March 2011

Cleaning Oil Spills Made Easy With Oil Absorbent Pads

By John F Smith
Platinum Quality Author
Are you tired of spending so many hours in just cleaning oil spills and other similar types of liquids? Most cleaning tools are not made for cleaning and absorbing such liquids. This is why you will need a special type of cleaning tool when dealing with this kind of messes. Another thing that you can do with oil spills is that you can prevent them from spreading in the first place. But doing this would also require special oil absorbent pads as normal rags would not get the job done.
One product that you could use in preventing oil spills is the Spilfyter oil-only sorbent pads or rolls. These are specially made to absorb oil and other hydrocarbons with great efficiency, while also repelling other types of liquids. It has an enhanced absorbing capacity which allows it to continue absorbing oil leaks even for long periods of time. The best way to use these is to place them under heavy machines or to line shelves to prevent oil from spreading. By doing this, oil is contained and absorbed at once so there is no chance for it to spread to farther areas where it could cause accidents. It can also be used on floors to provide a non-slip surface for people who are walking though. The oil-only pads are dimple bonded to increase its strength and resist tearing. This way, it won't tear even under the weight of heavy machines or by friction caused by constant walking. Aside from preventing oil leaks from spreading, these can also be used as a rag for quick clean ups when needed.
Another excellent ability of these pads is that it can repel water while absorbing oil. This is very helpful when oil spills occur on water. By using these pads, oil can easily separated as water is not absorbed. Try it out yourself and see how easy it is to clean oil spills with the Spilfyter oil-only pads and rolls.
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