Saturday, 12 March 2011

Animal Rescue

Bird Rescue in Office
By saving a single life, one gets the credit for giving life to all the future generations. And this applies not just to humans...

Largest Animal Rescue in Tennessee County History Saves 250 Dogs
A team of more than 100 officials and volunteers in Tennessee worked for over 12 hours to remove more than 250 dogs from a Sumner County "puppy mill," in what has been described as the largest animal rescue operation in the county’s history.

A Christmas Miracle With a Whale, Dog and An Angel
An animal rescuer is called out to assist a beached whale on Christmas morning. But in fact the rescue doesn’t happen from the small clutch of hard working volunteers, but from an unlikely terrier directed by a mysterious man in white.

When Pets Become Foods
This article is not about food for pets, but rather pets as food. If pets have been disappearing from your neighborhood, be extra cautious when going for that run along a wooded trail

The Founding of a Thailand Dog Rescue
I wanted to get a peek inside the mind of one of those extraordinary folks who boldly go where even the most foolhardy rescuers have never gone before - establishing a rescue from the ground up. What makes these most intrepid of rescuers tick?

This Shelter is The Cat's Meow
Animal rescue shelter in Washington creates model for others to replicate.

Caring People Rescue Dogs From Mistreatment And Abuse
There are dogs suffering all over North America, and some people are doing all that they can to save them. How can you contribute to this growing movement?

Uproar Over Elephant Rescue Plan
The Australian government's decision to import eight Thai elephants for a conservation project caused derision and an international rumpus.

Mallorcan midwife toad saved from extinction
One of the world's strangest animals, the Mallorcan midwife toad, has been rescued from the brink of extinction. The success provides conservationists with a rare boost to their hopes that amphibians - whose numbers are decliningalarmingly across the world - can saved from oblivion.

Rescued Eiders Up And Away
The first Eider Ducks were released back into the wild on February 12 following a rescue operation by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) at the oil spill caused by the capsizing of the bulk carrier Rocknes off Bergen, Norway.

Rescued Leopards Die at Zoo in India
Two leopards who were rescued from poachers in India and brought to a zoo to be rehabilitated have died.

Zimbabwe Animals Rescued After Farmers Flee
During the past three years in Zimbabwe, many animals found themselves plunged into peril when they were left behind in the chaos that ensued when the white-owned farms they lived on were seized by the Zimbabwe government on the orders of President Robert Mugabe.

Emergency Effort To Rescue Five Displaced Wolves
The UK Chapter of Canadian Voice For Animals and world-renowned author and animal advocate Jim Willis have joined Kerwood Wolf Education Centre's drive to rescue five displaced wolves from a U.S. facility that is about to shut down.

Rescued Burros Arrive At California Sanctuary
The Fund for Animals' world-famous Black Beauty Ranch animal sanctuary has welcomed the first of several groups of burros from Death Valley and Mojave National Parks in southern California, in a cooperative effort with the federal government to find homes for the unwanted animals.

Rescued Tiger Gives Birth To 4 Cubs
One of the two dozen Bengal tigers recently seized from a private "owner" by New Jersey wildlife authorities has given birth to four cubs at her new home in a Texas wildlife sanctuary.

Christmas Rescue For Last Circus Bear In Britain
The last circus bear in Britain, a 12-year-old American black bear named Fred, was rescued shortly before Christmas by the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA). Thanks to a free flight provided by British Airways, Fred has been flown to Canada to begin a new life in comfort and safety.

Rescued Ex-Circus Elephant Struggles To Recover
The newest resident of a Tennessee elephant refuge still faces a serious health crisis after being rescued by the U.S Department of Agriculture in November.

Trapped Doe Rescued By Policemen
In late November, four policemen in Waterford, Michigan helped rescue a doe who became trapped in the basement of a condominium that was under construction.

HSUS Calls For Immediate Rescue Of Stranded Cows
The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is demanding that U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) officials intervene immediately to save 23 wild cows who have been suffering and dying from extreme stress, overcrowding, injury, dehydration and starvation on a barge on Alaskan waters for almost three weeks now.

Hippos, Croc, Rescued in Namibia
A group of 60 hippos, and one crocodile, were rescued recently after becoming stuck and remaining stranded for days in a muddy, fast-drying water channel near the Chobe River in the northeastern Caprivi region of Namibia.

Rescue Fund Launched After Beloved Rhino Dies
An animal emergency rescue fund has been established by the SanWild Wildlife Trust in conjunction with the Wildlife Action Group in remembrance of Baixinha, a rare and much-loved East African black rhinoceros who died at the SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary in Limpopo Province, South Africa on Wednesday, November 13, 2003.

Kittens Rescued From Frozen Paw Peril
Freezing train tracks and wet fur do not mix - a fact that three mountain lion cubs recently found out the hard way.

Largest Animal Seizure in RSPCA History
England’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) has rescued 269 animals in what it described as the largest seizure in its 181 year history.

Five Rescued Whales Swim To Freedom
Five pilot whales that had beached themselves in shallow water off the Florida Keys four months ago are swimming in wild waters once again.

Rescued Big Cats Getting New Homes
Relocation efforts have begun for a large group of tigers, lions and leopards who were seized by the authorities after being found in poor condition at Tiger Rescue in Colton, California on April 22.

Pigs Force-Fed, Publicly Slaughtered In ‘Pigs Of God’ Contest
The Environment and Animals Society of Taiwan (EAST) is calling for an end to the annual "Pigs of God" contest in Taiwan, scheduled for August 17, in which pigs are force-fed with the goal of raising the biggest animal, and the pigs are then slaughtered while the public watches.

Endangered Fish Rescued from Arizona Wildfires
Biologists and volunteers have been working together to save a rare fish threatened by debris from the Aspen Fire earlier this month on Mount Lemmon in Arizona. The fire covered 40,500 acres in the Sabino Canyon area.