Saturday, 12 March 2011

Oil Pollution and Home Damage

By David S Caldwell
The Gulf Coast oil spill is responsible for leaking millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Beaches and marshes from Louisiana to Florida have been negatively affected by the spill, both environmentally and economically. There is a high probability that many home owners will experience some form of home damage as a result of the spill, which can be costly to repair or clean up.
Types of Damage
Since the explosion on April 20th, 2010, oil has leaked from the spill site and drifted throughout the Gulf of Mexico and towards shore. Residents along the Gulf Coast have reported spotting oil sheen and tar balls along the beaches. Property owners have found their land blemished by unsightly oil, and some have had property such as boats, docks, and even parts of homes damaged by pollution from the spill.
Pollution along the coast has made it more difficult for some individuals to rent out their property. With the usually idyllic beach landscape marred by oil, many visitors have decided against renting beachfront property. Another possible threat to home owners is the risk of having property drop in value. Even if a home is not directly affected by the oil spill, pollution in the area may cause a home's property value to drop.
Taking Action
If you are a home owner and have been negatively affected by the oil spill, you may have legal grounds to initiate a lawsuit for compensation. Home owners should not have to bear the cost of pollution caused by someone else's negligence. Consider consulting with an experienced oil spill attorney to determine how you can take action to recover financial compensation for your home damage and economic losses.
For More Information
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