Friday, 28 January 2011

Water and Life on Earth

There are two elements related to each other more than we could imagine. It has become a stereotyped phrase, "water is the cradle of life." And really, if we think a bit, we realize that the first life forms appeared on the big cover once on the old Blue Planet.
There were born the first organisms invisible to the human eye, some simple cells of nucleic acids leaven the urge of the Sun's ultraviolet radiation. What distinguished them from other substances in sea was that they could divide and convey their characters, that later formed cells. So that is a form of life! If life arises in the aquatic environment, then there is no point in wondering why organisms can not survive without water longer than a few days. For example, man can live without food for forty days, but can not live without water for more than five days.
There are a few examples of some plants and animals that can not live without water: the fish with its forms so wonderful and so graceful in their movements do not last more than a few minutes without the precious liquid. A flower with no water left dries in a few hours... At the other extreme are situated some creatures that we are amazed by their ability to keep water (camel), but even they can not live without it. They say a human body usually consists of 70% water as melons and cucumbers contain water at a rate greater than 85%. So whether we want or not want water that is our essence as living organisms. Water has a key role in maintaining life. Without water life could not exist.
The composition of water in our organs, tissues and fluids, dissolves and transports similar substances, maintains a constant concentration of salts in the body by evaporating on the body surface, taking part in temperature regulation. Water contributes to osmotic phenomena in plants and has a special importance in the process of photosynthesis. In nature, water is found in all states of aggregation: solid (ice, snow, hail), liquid (rain, groundwater, oceans, seas, rivers, streams) Gases (water vapor in the atmosphere). In nature, water is a cycle. You can talk about rain water, river water and spring water, seawater and so on.
Today we see that water is not only a condition of existence of life but a necessity. We need water to produce hydropower. Used for this purpose rushing waters or waters of large rivers that departs regularly on the form of tidal land. We need to super cooled water nuclear power reactors, so all that we can get electricity We need water in each industry: water used in the chemical industry as much as in the food industry or metallurgical. No human activity can occur without water. Some of these waters have a certain amount of dissolved salts that can be used in therapy for curing some diseases. Resorts were created precisely to highlight the properties of these waters. Let us not forget that water is used for consumption as human food and hygiene. Drinking water to the human varies from 3 liters a days in the dry areas of Africa to 1,045 in New York. On average, 24 hours, an adult man consumes form 2 to 10 liters of water.
Hygiene necessary in any community can not be done in the absence of water. Water is the most common substance on Earth's surface and it is vital for life. In its absence the entire planet were we live would look like absolute deserts.
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