Friday, 28 January 2011

Green Concept - Changing Lifestyle

Our forefathers and for-bearers survived and lived without wrecking havoc on our fragile planet by ruining the earth's atmosphere and environment.
There was competition in every aspect of life, struggle for food and water, better land and tools, greater area to rule and occupy, war and archaeologist and evacuations have discovered building and mansions that were much more competently build. Human nature and greed has no end and human desire stops at nothing, it took the present man years to come to a conclusion that we are taking ourselves to extinction in our everyday race for better life and comfort. Ignorant of what we are leaving in future for our children and next generation to come.
First we look at what's this talk about "Global warming". At the start rapid industrial revolution, modern agricultural and industrial practices, factory farming, extensive use of fossil fuel, unplanned rapid deforestation and urbanisation have contributed to global warming. Global warming is caused by excess emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
Natural greenhouse gases keep the earth's atmosphere warm to support life. Increase in greenhouse gases caused by human activity increase the concentration of the greenhouse gases that leads to more heat being trapped in the atmosphere and less being reflected back into space. This excess heat trapped changes the climate and weather patterns around the world. More rain causes flooding and land erosion in some places and less rain and extreme temperature at other places.
Not to forget other human activities that causes pollution of the environment beyond a level of being repaired. Increased carbon dioxide levels causes acidifying the ocean and natural fresh water sources leading to extinction of animals and plants that naturally inhibit them. Over fishing and pollution has lead to decline in global fisheries and wild-harvested land species. Degradation of agricultural land by using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, dumping of urban waste, dumping of untreated industrial waste and dumping of nuclear waste effects our environment drastically.
With our lifestyle today and considering we will continue in this fashion, it will lead to a massive shortage of resources, possibly leading to a larger scramble for food and space, and possibly war. The need of the hour is clear. We need to rethink the way we live, use essentials such as water and energy smartly. Balance our needs and relationship with nature.
Not to exploit the expression "green" by selling environmental friendly materials at three times the cost of conventional materials. Let us not just stop at using only green shopping bags but go further to every aspect of life. Companies are coming up with organic fertilizers and pesticides, landscape installations and building and construction materials that are more environmental friendly.
It's the duty of each and every human to takes steps to save our civilisation and the earth's environment. At least we conserve energy as much as possible, switch to environmentally friendly energy and materials, recycle products and materials, support tree plantation and not the last but control our desire in the ever day race for better life and future to safe the environment. The recent oil prices hike has lead many to drive less and only when necessary, cut-off vacation plans and less air travel. Unless we change and implement a new lifestyle, Conditions and situation can occur that will make humans to adopt changes to use environmentally friendly energy and ways otherwise we are on a way to self destruction.
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