Friday, 28 January 2011

Organic Cotton and Its Effect on the Environment

Our aim is to have decease free life for our family and self, To achieve this we have to be careful to be free from all harmful products from our life, as a basic step you can make it as a habit of using only cotton cloths. If we take it as a great in convenience that cotton cloths very easily get crumbled, it is so.
But we have to take the understanding why the pure cotton shows such a characteristic, that it do not contain the harmful chemical known as formaldehyde. The treatment of the chemical by formaldehyde is to save the trouble of saving the time to maintain the cotton cloths.
The using of Formaldehyde treated clothing allows you to live very closely with a cancer causing substance but in addition to that it is doing many damages on its way down.
Right from its planting stage the non organic cotton plant goes through several treatments of different chemicals, in the form of fertilizers and pesticides, for its protection and growth. These chemicals do not stay in one place once they do the job, they wash down directly to the eco system and then to rivers, ending up in the oceans. This ultimately results in the formation of dead zones as we found out in the Gulf of Mexico.
You can take a firm action of refusing to use the chemically treated cotton clothing. This is for the sake of safe guarding the environment. It will also give a strong signal to the industrialists who are engaged in the production of non organic cotton.
The bottle neck for the improvement of organic cotton movement is the lack of enthusiasm by the general people. When the movement really picks up and if the people really go for the high quality cotton products, only then the producers of non organic cotton will be forced in thinking of alternative cotton production processes. This will have to include the process right from the planting stage till the final treatment of the yarn. So as a natural result, the environmental damage will also be reduced considerably.
The next step is the maintenance of your cotton clothing which is organic. The cotton fabric will hold on foreign particles for long and if you use the chemical substance for washing then there are chances that chemical particles will stay in the threads. When you are using natural and organic detergents you can be sure that you are no more holding any harmful products.
Getting involved in natural organic cotton clothing is indeed a step towards the green living. You have to be systematic, from clothing your next step may be for organic food and other organically prepared cleaning products.
We have to bear in mind that making a life style of organic clothing and eating organic food is a very positive step towards a healthy environment of our future generation. By eating organic food you may not be gaining more minerals but you can be sure that you are consuming less harmful products directly into your system and dumping then into the environment.
William Suburn
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