Friday, 28 January 2011

All About Asian Global Warming

India is agricultural country and it mostly depends on agricultural commodities, but I am not sure that in the future whether we are able to get these products well ahead. It's true and in the future, we will face a demand for these products. Anyone has ever thought why there will be a demand for agricultural products? Day by day, the population is getting increased and automatically the demand for food commodities also got increased.
The major reason for the demand for agricultural products is global warming. Yes, it is severely spreading like a bacteria, virus and protozoan and destroying all the living beings and other products of our earth. Day by day, the earth is feeling so warmer and we are expecting sudden climatic changes, one day it is raining and on the other day the sun rays are attacking us. Biodiversity has been disturbed, water creatures are starving for food and even they are getting depleted. The worst condition that will prevail in the future along with agricultural demand is water demand, yes my friends, we are not leaving even a small space in the land and building houses and multi complex buildings and consuming more water from the ground through bore pipes.
My friends, Asian Counties are more vulnerable to global warming and India ranks among the first ten. Think where we are now. United we stand, divided we fall, so we should get united and join hands with the government and should prevent global warming. I heard from someone that the end of the world is already pre-written and the third time the world is going to get floated in water. I never believed when I heard it first, but I am afraid now whether it will happen.
The existing condition tells that it may come true one day. Yes, the big glacier mountains are getting melted down and due to this condition the water content of the earth will increase automatically. Already, our earth is a place where the water portion is more than the land portion and if this condition prevails, it is damn sure that it will happen true one day. Pollution is getting increased day by day and the waste products are getting disposed into agricultural lands and through some water pools. So due to this the land that is suitable for farming have turned into a dry land. All the agricultural lands are getting changed into multi complex buildings.
It is the time for us my friends, get awake, let us join and save the earth. Love your earth; in return, the earth will also love you.