Friday, 28 January 2011

British Petroleum (BP) Oil Spill - How it Can Affect You!

Supplementing your immune system is VERY important during this oil spill disaster! If you are affected by these oil spill disasters and are working to help clean it up or are living in effected arias protect yourself! If you are working out there on the water for British Petroleum get yourself a respirator and use it!
Remember this is crude oil, but the fumes are just like sniffing gas from the pump! And lord only knows what is in the dispersant they are using! Doing that all day will affect you now and later you can almost bet the farm on it.
You can possibly expect short and long term nerve damage and lord knows the brain cells that are going away. And make no mistake British Petroleum will be protecting there interest later after it is all said and done when you and your loved ones are realizing the effects.
This is a travesty, it is the largest disaster in history, and it still has yet to be stopped! Protect yourself get good vitamin supplementation preferably liquid supplementation! This type of supplement is absorbed and used buy your system much faster than pill's! It's Just like the respirator it does you no good if you are not using it.
Your body's ability to recover from your exposure depends on what you are providing it building blocks to heal and recover properly at the time of exposure are very important. Chose wisely, use your protective gear at all times.
And drink an all natural supplement you are getting exposed to way too much of the bad stuff already don't take it in your supplement. Anyone with any real experience in dealing with this type of exposure will tell you the same thing. Your system will recover much faster if you are supplementing now!
Now that you have this knowledge how will you use it?
Todd Sinnard (LimuTodd)
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