Friday, 28 January 2011

Oil Sorbents - The Convenient Solution for Cleaning Up Oil Leaks and Spills

Do you have to handle oil leaks and spills? You know that prevention is always better, but it doesn't always work. And when there's a leak or a spill, it helps if you're prepared.
But what exactly does it mean to be prepared? You could stock up on spill kits of all sizes. Or you could simply get some oil sorbents, which come in many convenient forms.
Among the most convenient of those are pads and rolls.Here are a few reasons why you should opt for pads and rolls when you're looking for ways to contain and clean up spills:
1) The price is right
Pads and rolls are among the most economical oil clean-up tools available. They're very inexpensive to begin with, plus there is hardly any waste since you can use as few pads or as many as you need.
2) They're handy to keep around
Part of the problem with cleaning spills up quickly is that you need to have the clean-up equipment handy.
Most oil sorbents, especially if they come in the form of spill kits or other larger sizes, are quite bulky, so you would probably keep them in one area, or at least in just a few areas.
However, spills can happen anywhere, and the closer to the spills you're able to keep your oil sorbents, the faster the spills can be cleaned up, and the less damage will occur.
And this is where pads and rolls can come in really handy. You can divide them into small allotments and keep them in just about any place where you handle or store oil or oil based chemicals. Once a spill occurs, the pads are right there and the spill can be cleaned up before it can do any damage.
3) They're effective
Oil sorbents are made to clean up oil and any oil-based chemicals, and pads or rolls are no exception. If you get high quality pads from a reputable vendor, they're highly efficient in absorbing the errant oil. In this way, they will help you and your employees keep stains and contamination at a minimum, or, in some cases, prevent them altogether.
And there's another huge bonus that comes with oil only pads. Oil sorbents are perfect for skimming oil from bodies of water, so if some oil should have gotten into a water-based liquid, you can remove it quickly with an oil sorbent pad.
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