Monday, 21 February 2011

Waste Oil Storage Tips for Oil Changing Industry

Everyone should be taking the precautions to insure that their waste oil is properly disposed of. This is important for a few reasons.
1.) You will avoid waste oil accidents,
2.) You will limit your legal liability, and
3.) You will protect both your workers and the environment.
4.) You should have a manual outlining proper diposal
Store Waste Oil in sturdy, leak proof metal containers or in a tank approved by your local fire department. And in the cause of a commercial operation EPA Approved waster oil tanks. Always be sure to label the container or tank and the storage area in large letters: "Used Crankcase Oil." or "Used Engine Oil." Also remember to Keep containers closed unless you are adding or removing used oil. Place containers on a surface made from anonymous material (such as concrete) that waste oil cannot pass through or order a plastic container or storage bin, box or pool from the New Pig Catalog,
The surfaces should have no cracks or gaps otherwise a breach in the container from any source could cause an accidental spill and cause harm before you can fix the problem or become aware that their is a leak. Store waste oil away from drains or ignition sources. Or textiles, towels, rags, old newspaper or anything that might soak up the spilled or leaked out oil. Otherwise you have all the makings of a spontaneous combustion situation and a fire can ruin your whole day, loss of structure or life.
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