Monday, 21 February 2011

Garage Floor Covering

Home owners usually cover the floors in the entire home, except the garage. One of the reasons why the garage floor is never covered is because it is one place which always gets dirty. No matter how many times one sweeps the garage, it is always filthy and the floor is a mess. The majority of garage owners have tons of junk including tool boxes, tires, oils and cans of every type on the floor. For most people concrete floor is okay and they would rather leave it dirty.
However, now there is a great alternative. There are some garage floor coverings made of durable vinyl which can turn a dirty garage spic and span in an instant. The polyvinyl coverings are water resistant, easy to clean and maintain. The vinyl easily tolerates a few scraps and protects the underling concrete from oil spills. One can even drive a car over the vinyl without any worry. Any oil spill on the vinyl can be easily washed away with water. Even if a tool box or heavy appliances fall on the vinyl, it will not damage the floor.
There are a variety of vinyl floor coverings for the garage. Besides keeping the floor clean, vinyl helps improve the aesthetic image of the garage.
The latest vinyl covering also comes with an underguard which is coated with chemicals to protect from mildew and absorb moisture from the air. Further, the thick vinyl also offers a cushioning effect and dampens the usual banging noises from the garage.
Of all the materials used to cover the garage floor, there is nothing more easily cleaned than vinyl. The majority of vinyl coverings for the garage are relatively cheap and easy to install ---of course you will have to empty the garage out first.
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