Monday, 21 February 2011

Around the Global Warming Facts

In 2007, there were global warming facts known that the glaciers were predicted to vanish from the Himalayas in 2035. The prediction however, didn't come from scientists but came from a prominent Indian glacier expert quoted in a British popular science magazine. In his announcement, however he never claimed about the date.
What about the Netherlands which claimed that the country is 55% below sea level. After more researches, the fact said that it is only 26% below the sea level. The government of Dutch has acknowledged the error.
Another controversial fact tells that Amazon rainforest is getting 40% reductions. This information comes from World Wildlife Fund report without any scientific study to be declared. But the scientists, especially Amazon researchers, affirmed the number is correct.
In 2007 InterAcademy Council declared their report, entitled Lighting the Way: Toward a Sustainable Energy Future. It tells us about the pattern of energy sources and energy usage that have been supporting humanity. But, the integrity of essential natural system is already at risk because of climate change. In order to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon, human should be aware and together to solve the problem.
Still in 2007, European Academy of sciences and Arts released their report entitled Let's Be Honest. Their results stated that the cause of climate change, which is responsible for any damaging event, is human activities. Over the last 50 years, human increase the concentrations of greenhouse gases in atmosphere and will surely develop serious consequences for mankind's future.
Similar with global warming facts from Network of African Science Academies, they reported that current damage within the global scientific community is caused by human activities. The large burning fuels event is totally human's responsibility that becomes the main reason of global warming effects. The information also brings understanding to people of the nexus between energy, climate and sustainability.
Next, Royal society of New Zealand released their research result about controversy over climate change. It told that the greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere is higher than thousands of years before. They also predicted that the impacts become more costly as time progresses.
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