Monday, 21 February 2011

Remodeling the Garage

When remodeling moves into full swing, garages aren't left out. If anything needs reorganizing, refurbishing and remodeling, it's the garage. Not only does the garage handle our vehicles but it straddles the line between the inside and the outside. Garages are also the catch-all for everything that won't fit in the house anymore. It also stores any machines we might own: lawn mower, snow blower, boat, snowmobile, motorcycle and an array of bikes, trikes and skateboards.
Before any remodeling can take place, major de-junking is necessary. Being the catch-all, the garage ends up with many things that don't necessarily have to stay. If you have bikes that are too small for anyone to ride and parts for things you don't own anymore, it's time to rid yourself of these space wasters!
On often neglected part of overall garage organization is the floor. If there's not a giant oil spill or a crack so big we trip, the floor gets no attention. But that doesn't mean it doesn't need some. Nor does it mean that giving it a little attention wouldn't be helpful. Fixing cracks is an important part of your overall home maintenance. Another helpful project is adding epoxy to the garage floor. You can do this either in a spread able liquid or as tiles. Either way, it makes the garage more slip resistant and more uniform.
Another thing that helps garage organization, perhaps more than anything else, is good shelving. It seems that most people either have their things just thrown where ever was convenient at the moment. Or they have an oddball assortment of shelves, ranging from short and plastic to tall and metal. Whatever kind of shelves you choose, it's better if they are heavy duty and of one type.
A third thing to keep the garage organized is a variety of specialized hooks. Hooks to hand up the bikes when they aren't being used in the winter are very helpful A hook mechanism to hold the ladder can be a lifesaver when it keeps the ladder from falling on a person or a valuable being store in the garage. Or a special hook for the wheel barrow will keep it up and out of the way when not in use. Keeping the garage organized by using the right equipment is definitely worth the investment. Not only will you better care for what you have but you'll be able to find what you have!
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