Friday, 25 February 2011

"Most Scientists Believe in Global Warming" - That's Their Argument?

One of the most illogical arguments in the world for Global Warming is the one that states "most" of our human scientist believe it is so. Of course, this is not a good reason to believe in global warming, which by definition means that mankind's output of CO2 is causing our Earth's climate to heat up. Now let's look at this argument that those who have taken this global warming thing as some sort of religion.
What is most? By definition that would be over 50%, but let's say that the number of scientists that believe in this theory is 65%, that would mean that 35% don't believe in it or are unsure about it. Think about how 99% of the scientists back in the day believed the world was flat while only 1% believed it was round. In modern times "most" global economists didn't expect a Global Financial Crisis Meltdown.
This concept of "most" or majority rule with atmospheric or scientific theory is taking the issue of Democracy way too far. For instance, if all the people you know decided to jump off a bridge, would you agree to go too?
The reality is that the climate on our planet is complicated and there are many factors, mankind's pollution, while it is a nuisance, disgusting and nothing to be proud of is such a tiny part of the overall factors involved, that it really isn't a problem of Epic Proportions as slated by the alarmists.
Additionally, warming periods are not nearly as dangerous to the species of this planet as cooling periods or Ice Ages. And remember in the 70s and early 80s the scientists were warning us that we were going into a ice age?
Actually, remember Y2K when all of human civilization was going to melt down? The alarmists will have to come up with a better reason for believing in this theory than; "Most Scientists" agree that this theory is real. Think on this.
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