Friday, 25 February 2011

Global Warming And Melting Glaciers

Global warming refers to rise of earth temperature. Many refer it as climate change also. This worldwide warming can have catastrophic effect on our planet if it is not stopped. The basic cause of global warming is the green house effect that has occurred because of the human beings.
In the last couple of decades, with increase in the global temperature, the glaciers located all over the world are slowly beginning to melt. Due to the melting of glaciers, the sea water level is increasing. Also, the sea temperatures are increasing. This marginal rise in sea levels is causing several rivers to overflow and cause flooding in numerous towns and village. An increase in the sea levels and overflowing of rivers are the main reasons for floods, forest fires and such countless appalling effects on the environment.
The greenhouse effect was established by Joseph Fourier in the year 1824. It was described as a process of trapping of heat by the atmospheric gases. Greenhouse gases are a natural part of the Earth's atmosphere. Gases like methane, carbon dioxide, fluorocarbons and nitrous oxide are some of the greenhouse gases. An expansion of these gases in the atmosphere is mainly due to unprecedented human actions like indiscriminate burning of fossil fuels which includes coal, oil, natural gas, petroleum products. Deforestation has minimized the total forest area resulting into less rains, atmospheric methane gas has increased because of an excessive rearing of cattle whose digestion produces methane into atmosphere.
Glaciers are responsible for keeping the Earth's temperature cool. Natural melting of glaciers is a common phenomenon. This melting is a source of water for many rivers, streams, and oceans. They provide water to many villages, towns and cities. However, when the melting of glaciers increases at an alarming rate that the yearly snowfall is unable to replenish it further, it becomes a cause of concern. Presently, this is the major problem our environmentalists are facing. Unless some strong measures are taken we cannot get away from this major problem.
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