Friday, 25 February 2011

Air Pollution and Global Warming

Global warming has scared the entire world in last few years. Well, it has done all good, at least people now know what they have done till now and how harmful it would be for our earth if we continue doing like this. Our Earth has abundant natural resources and till now we have been using it indiscriminately without realizing that one day all these may just vanish.
Ever since the human civilization has taken place the man kind has been playing with the environment. The human activities and technological advancement has lead to serious consequences.
Global warming is a resultant effect of green house gases. Greenhouse gases contain carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, sulfur dioxide all these gases are trapped in the atmosphere causing a rise in the earth's temperature. Air pollution is directly proportional to global warming. Industrialization, automobile fumes, burning of fossil fuels all these are responsible for air pollution, and it has been depleting the ozone layer in pockets of southern hemisphere over Australia. Depletion of ozone rays allows the harmful ultraviolet rays to reach Earth's surface and therefore, many cases of skin cancer and other diseases have been reported from these parts of the world.
Air pollution is known to cause asthma and other forms of respiratory ailments. In many countries, air pollution has reached such dangerous levels that people are forced to use masks to avoid respiratory ailments. The flora and fauna of the Earth are reducing at an alarming rate, and if it continues like this, it would destroy everything very soon.
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