Friday, 25 February 2011

Destruction of Marine Resources in the Philippines

The Philippines is blessed with rich marine resources characterized by tremendous coral reefs and abundance of various species. It is one of the countries with longest coastlines in the world. It is just saddening that the country's marine resources are now gradually depleting due to various harmful activities.
The continuous destruction of marine resources in the Philippines not only created damages to the natural environment but also affected the livelihood of communities in affected areas. Various activities are behind this environmental dilemma and below are some of these activities;
1. Offshore mining in Tanon Strait, a protected seascape that separates Cebu and Negros. The Philippine government through Department of Energy allowed oil and gas exploration in that area from year 2005-2008. For this reason the numbers of fish catch were greatly decreased from 10-15 kilos a day to 1-3 kilos a day.
2. P18.7 billion Laguna Lake Dredging Project funded by the Belgian government.
This project is the dredging of about 94,000 hectare lake and the retrieval of not less than 20,000 hectares of coastal areas used for other infrastructure projects. In accordance of this project was the displacement of no less than 50, 000 families who mainly depend on the lake resources for their livelihood.
3. Aurora economic zone project (APECO). This is a 13,000 hectares project in Aurora province which will cause displacement of farming and fishing communities.
4. Conversion of coastal municipalities of Nasugbu, Calatagan, Calaca, Lemery, Lian and Tuy into eco-tourism ares. These municipalities are in first district of Batangas province. This project would replace 20, 000 hectares of fishing and farming areas.
5. Guimaras oil spill. This environmental disaster is still unresolved and it continues to create various ecological problems in nearby islands of Negros and Panay. This concern has already caused economic and social loss to more than 100,000 fishing families in the affected areas.
The Philippine government must do something about the above mentioned activities happening to most of our coastal areas. In is better to take the initiatives now for the preservation of these marine resources while there are still left to country's marine wildlife.
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