Thursday, 24 February 2011

Polar Shift 2012 - NASA Information

When looking into the heavenly skies and wondering about the impending doomsday scenarios predicted for 2012, it is easy to believe that NASA is the trusted source for information. The fact is that when people look into the theories of polar shift 2012, NASA may not be as reputable of a source as you may thing. In fact, some people say that NASA is working on conjunction with the government to conceal actual scientific fact that these events will occur.
So in looking at the polar shift 2012, NASA is the expert source, right? So what does NASA have to say to the public about these theories. Well, first, let's look at what the theorists say. Theorists believe that a magnetic pole shift will occur in 2012, and this will cause incredible upheaval that will result in volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, tidal waves, earthquakes, and more. This event will be fast and devastating across the globe. With such widespread panic that such impending events would bring, it's no wonder NASA would be working in conjunction with the government to conceal this issue.
But what are the polar shift 2012 NASA beliefs? First, NASA has already backed up the belief that something destructive will occur on our planet in 2012, and they believe the polar shift theories are realistic. However, they depart from theorists and say that the shifting poles would simply not destroy the Earth because the process has already started with a much more gradual shift than theorists are saying it will happen. In fact, science has proven that the polar magnetic shifts in the 20th century have caused the poles to shift about 10 kilometers every year.
Further, looking at the theories of polar shift 2012, NASA says the events happen over approximately one thousand years to achieve full reversal rather than in a matter of days. Yet doomsday believers throwing conspiracy theories up in the air and asking NASA why they would predict devastating events for 2012 if in fact the polar shift 2012 theories are incorrect. The fact is that a drastic polar shift will cause huge natural destruction, and it will also cause disruption in our TVs, cell phones, and even satellites that control the planes and ships. This in turn would effect the flow of food and supplies that we depend on. The results of all of this taken together would be devastating.
When looking at polar shift 2012, NASA and the government are covering up what they know will happen simply because they don't want to contend with widespread panic. There is little that would result in telling the public that these theories hold truth from scientific evidence except for creating huge waves of panic around the globe, which would result in hoarding of food and supplies, and general mayhem. So the government is working with NASA to keep this under wraps. But that doesn't mean you can't form your own opinion on the matter and take steps to prepare yourself to survive when the worst happens in 2012 by learning to live off the land.
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