Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Best Encyclopedia For Kids

Gone are the days when one used to buy the bulky encyclopedias for educational references. A school going kid now has access to it, in her school library itself. Every home now has a personal computer enabled with internet usage, as an effective tool to learning outside school.
Thus a more convenient option is, to refer an encyclopedia that is present on-line. There are a number of sites available that can be referred for any kind of educational essays or information.
For example for a project which your son or daughter needs to excel, one can make use of these encyclopedias to effectively write the project report. Kids today need to be well informed of various aspects of education. Like the extra knowledge of a star, or the solar tsunami, or current affairs for that matter.
The best encyclopedia is as always The Britannica. The on line version is very good with lots of image illustrations. Britannica has separate encyclopedia for kids. This offers a free trial version of 7 days. After reviewing it, one can subscribe to it for a price of $69.95/yr.
With regards to free encyclopedias on-line, the best one is the This has all the material one wants to look up for. Search a topic and you can find lots of information on it.
Not to be left behind is the This site reminds one of the Wikipedia. As the name suggests this site has academic related topics in the information catalog.
Then there is this one, for the young children at This has illustrations for toddler related topics. All these sites, do not need a fee to register with.