Thursday, 24 February 2011

Is 2012 Fact Or Fiction?

In the Hollywood blockbuster hit '2012', earth faces a cataclysmic end as solar flares heat up the earths core forcing earthquakes, mega-tsunamis and volcano eruptions on unsuspecting people. The hero (a scientist) and a following manage to steal an airplane and escape to China were there are modern day 'arks'. The movie ends with earth being covered in water - sort of a second great flood. I think the question that most people would like the answer to is: Is 2012 fact or fiction?
If you have recently started your research, then you must have encountered the Mayan calendar. This long count calendar was created more than 1500 years ago, but is remarkably accurate. It is in fact so accurate that it can only be bettered by calendars based on quantum physics. In other words: It is amazing that a people without any technology could create a calendar that can be used to this day to predict lunar eclipses. But why should we care about this? The problem is that the Mayan calendar ends on December 21'st 2012. That's why we want to know if movies such as '2012' are fact or fiction.
In the movie, solar flares are the primary culprit. They heat up the core of the earth making it unstable and unleashing all hell on the humans above. Solar flares are in fact very volatile and some speculate that it was solar flares and not a comet, which killed the dinosaurs.
Another unfortunate prediction is that of Planet Nibiru. The Sumerians, the first civilization on earth, believed earth was created in a collision with a huge planet called Nibiru. This is not as far fetched as it sounds as all the landmass of earth was once together in one place (Pangea). Planet Nibiru is supposed to be a brown dwarf, a star which have not 'ignited', and it's orbit around the sun would be about 4000 years.
In 1906, astronomer Percival Lowell, set out to investigate why the planet Uranus had such an unstable orbit. His eventual conclusion was that there had to be a giant planet, unseen to the eye, which tugged at Uranus. His work was published but people soon forgot. Then in 1983, astronomers from NASA made it public that they were almost certain of a 10'th planet in the solar system and they called it Planet X. This is the same planet that Percival Lowell described. Strangely, despite the fact this made big news, NASA now denies ever having looked for such a planet. It seems the Russians are not so sure. Their MARS exploration project is due to launch in 2012, but by then it could be too late. If Planet X does enter close to earth again, the results could be devastating. Expect more earthquakes, more volcanoes, giant tsunamis miles high and ash covering the sun. You tell me, is 2012 fact or fiction?
Experts agree that despite all these glum predictions it will be possible to survive 2012 without having a ticket for the elites underground bases. Mountains are an obvious choice but not all will be safe.
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