Thursday, 24 February 2011

ayan Prophecy of Doom 2012 - Truth of Fiction?

The Mayan prophecy of doom 2012 is the hottest topic on the internet right now and we're only going to hear more as doomsday December 21'st 2012 approaches. Many people got a scare with Y2K bug at the turn of the millennia, but this time it may be for real. Will the world really end 21 12 2012?
The Mayan prophecy of doom 2012 is a prediction that unfortunately isn't easily refuted. It gets credibility from the fact that so many cultures trough history have had similar predictions about the end days. The Mayan calendar is a masterpiece even to this day. The otherwise technologically inferior Mayans were obsessed with the sun and the universe. Their calendar was so precise that it predicted lunar eclipses perfectly, even hundreds of years later. The Mayan calendar ends in 2012 and that is why we should be worried.
I know this topic seems far fetched and it would certainly be pleasant, but unwise, to stick your head in the sand and pretend that none of this is true; how is the world going to end anyway? I was not convinced at all either until I began studying this subject and found out about Planet X/Planet Nibiru. In 1906 an astronomer named Percival Lowell set out to explain why the orbit of planets Neptune and Uranus deviated so much from their calculated orbit. This is were the Mayan prophecy of doom 2012 gained some credence.
Lowell took an interest in a story by the ancient Sumerian culture about how the earth was created in a collision with another object, a planet called Nibiru. He then discovered that the strange orbits of Neptune and Uranus could be explained by a 10'th and unknown planet in the solar system. This planet would supposedly have an elliptical orbit around the sun, meaning that it would only enter our solar system once every 3000-4000 years. Despite his discovery, his findings were forgotten until 1983, where NASA publicly declared that they had found a 10'th planet, which they baptized Planet X. This was quite big news, but quickly thereafter, NASA retracted their statement and any attempt at discussion was discouraged. Now, it was told to the public, that there was no such thing as Planet X.
The problem is that there most certainly is a Planet X and that it's effect on earth as it closes in can already be seen and felt. There have been more major earthquakes in the last few years than in the last three decades! We are seeing tsunamis every year. Tsunamis are very, very rare and previously only happened once every 100 years or so.
So what will we make of the Mayan prophecy of doom 2012? Well for one, we should begin to take steps to prepare. Earth will be a very hostile place to live after December 21'st 2012. In order to survive one should begin stocking up on canned food and water, but it's most important to find a safe place. The 2012 survival guide can help you prepare. Take action today. Do not wait any longer. Time is running out!