Sunday, 20 March 2011

Is the Oil Spill Disaster Judgment From God?

By P Maillet
Platinum Quality Author
For years I have spoken and written about the Arab-Israeli conflict and have tried to make clear the basis for it, that it is the "everlasting hatred" of Ishmael against the descendants of Isaac. That is, of course, true. But I came to see that it's far more than that.
The true basis for the conflict is the hatred of Satan for God. And until people understand this, they will not be able to understand what's really going on in the world and in the Middle East.
Satan knows the "signs of the times" as well as we do, he knows the Scriptures. And he knows that the re-establishment of the nation of Israel after having been desolate for 2,000 years, signals the approaching end of his career. For those who understand this it will be obvious, as he does everything in his power to destroy Israel in order to prevent or delay the coming of the Messiah, because it is written that it is the Messiah of Israel who will bring Satan's career to an end. Satan's master-plan was perpetrated in the Holocaust. His intent was to destroy all the Jews. He managed to destroy 6 million of them, and was enraged when that very effort was what brought in the rebirth of Israel shortly afterwards. His hatred knows no bounds and the world will see that hatred manifested in all that he will do, especially against Israel, as this story comes to its conclusion.
* * Don't ever lose sight of this one thing: it is the opposition of Satan against God which is the basis for all the hatred against Israel. This is a story that started in Genesis, and is reaching its culmination in our days, right before our eyes. If you truly understand this, it will make you rethink everything you know about these days. * *
I've said for years that in order for "the Antichrist" to take over, America has to go down. And for years I wondered how that would or could happen. I never suspected that America would become so corrupt that it would invoke the wrath of God upon her. It's still hard to believe that the America we knew and loved as young people has become so reprobate. The bottom line as far as America goes: using as a pretext the total twisting and misapplication of the first amendment to our Constitution, the American people have kicked God out of every public place, and God is not going to stay in a place where he is rejected and where he is insulted daily. And when God leaves, America will find out what the ramifications are. I don't know if "natural" disasters will destroy this country, or whether it might be nuclear, chemical, and/or biological attacks. Maybe all the above. All we know is that America is not referred to in the "last days" passages which identify the nations who WILL be involved. The greatest nation that has EVER been on the earth not even mentioned? That says it all. America won't be here, at least not as a super-power. Consider this too: if all the Christians were removed, the restraining power of the believers would no longer be an obstacle to the spread of evil, and evil would take over totally and quickly.
There are a lot of things working together to create the one-world global government which the Scriptures tell us will be headed by "the Antichrist." In times past, we wondered how a global government could possibly come into being, because the ideologies of the countries of the world differ so much. But it seems clear that disasters, plus the failing monetary systems, are going to be powerful players in the rise of global government. Just days ago, president Obama was speaking at West Point and he used the buzz-words "new world order." It's this "new world order," spoken of for centuries, that will progress into the global government over which the Antichrist will rule. The Antichrist will be empowered by Satan himself and will persuade the world with supernatural signs and wonders, leading them to believe HE is the Messiah.
Take note that as US pressure upon Israel creates a great threat to her borders, we have had noticeable threats to OUR borders. "The powers that be" in America are allowing foreigners to come into this country and use up our resources, creating a great strain on our financial and also our health systems. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever that this country is willing to allow foreigners to break our immigration laws and saturate our resources, getting free health care, free housing, free education, etc, etc, etc. There is no explanation in the natural for something as insane as this. It has to be the hand of God. As the United States government has caused Israel to be stressed to the max with its "Palestinian" population creating havoc within and around its borders, so there are foreigners now creating havoc within OUR borders. So clear you can hardly miss it, yet the eyes of our officials have been blinded.
Israel becoming isolated
Zephaniah 2:1 calls her the "nation not desired." And it's obvious that most of the world, including the UN, is against Israel. Until this administration, America was the one and only major nation in the world who stood with Israel. Note, too, that America has been the most blessed nation on the earth. But there's been a change, a change you can feel everywhere. And this change has brought Israel into isolation. Just remember that God is ultimately in control. He is going to bring Israel to the point where they have NO ONE to turn to and the entire world is against them. But that's where Israel needs to be, because when there's no way out, they will finally realize that only God can save them. Israel is stubborn. They have to get to a point of helplessness. So yes, Satan is enacting this, but in doing so he's moving them right into the isolation they need to be in, where they will finally cry out to their God.
There are principles or laws that God has established which are as sure as the "laws" of nature. Throw a ball up, you can be sure it will come down. Oppose Israel, and you can be sure judgment will come upon you. Notice the context in which the oil spill disaster hit America: Obama is bowing before the Muslim nations. Why? There are several reasons but one is the oil wealth of those nations. So as America rejects Israel and bows to the oil-rich Muslim nations, America is harshly judged with an unprecedented oil disaster. Not only that, but it happens just when Israel discovers a very, very large resource of oil and natural gas right off the coast of Haifa, deposits so huge that they will make Israel non-dependent on anyone else for energy resources. Incredible coincidence? Of course not. It's the ongoing story in which all the factors are moving into place just before the great Tribulation comes upon the world.
I don't write so much on these subjects anymore, because I find that believers already know these things, and as for unbelievers - they do not "see" no matter how clear you make it. I have the sense that it's too late. People's minds are made up and it's too late to change them. When Jesus walked this earth, he got to the point where he stated that he would no longer speak to the people except through parables that they wouldn't understand, and it was basically for the same reason: by that point, people had made up their minds. He expounded and clarified things to his disciples, but no longer to the people. (Matthew 13:10-16)
Yes, people have made up their minds already. I used to quote Joel 3:14, "Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision..." But I suspect the time has come or is near when it's too late, they've made their decisions.
"He who is unjust, let him be unjust still; he who is filthy, let him be filthy still; he who is righteous, let him be righteous still; he who is holy, let him be holy still." (Revelation 22:11)
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