Sunday, 20 March 2011

End of Days - Was Gulf Oil Spill a Message From God?

By Jer Bosky
Platinum Quality Author
Some people believe we have entered the End of Days and that the disasters we are witnessing, both natural and man-made, are the work of God.
Most often it is Bible believers who speak using this terminology, but increasingly you also hear well-known non-believers express the same idea.
Recently, media mogul Ted Turner spoke out with his opinion on the BP oil rig explosion and the ensuing oil leak, the biggest in history. Turner told a CNN interviewer that the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico could be God's work, saying, "He's sending us a message."
The comment came in the course of an interview on energy policy in the United States. Turner elaborated that even though is "not a real religious person" he does wonder if God is telling us that we shouldn't be doing offshore drilling. He also brought in the West Virginia coal mine disaster, in which 29 miners were killed, as another sign that someone may be displeased with us.
It is common for preachers such as Pat Robertson to quickly blame disasters on the wrath of God. Robertson himself, for instance, stirred up a storm when he said the calamitous earthquake in Haiti was the result of that country making a pact with the devil during the revolt against the French two centuries ago.
It is much less common to hear someone such as Ted Turner bring God into a discussion of the latest news events. The fact that this is happening now could be another sign we really are in the End of Days.
Messages from God or not, many signs are pointing to something momentous on the horizon. The world is due for some big changes, particularly as they relate to the prophetic year of 2012. And 2012 is not far off. Will you be ready for it?
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