Thursday, 27 January 2011

Top Industries Affected by Oil Spills

The Top industries which will be affected by any oil spills will largely be dependent upon where in the world that the it takes place, as well as whether or not it makes landfall. Generally the fishing industries will take some of the first hits to their livelihood, while the cleanup crews will gain ground in their own. The fish processing areas and industries will also take a hit, while the tourist industry will likely suffer if there is any chance that the oil will come close to land or touch it.
The oil companies themselves will be deeply affected by the spill, having lost a large percentage of the funding that the oil should have brought in, as well as many millions of dollars to sustain the cleanup efforts and pay for damages. Other oil companies as well as the responsible parties will also see some effect from the oil spills as a sort of backlash effect, and in part because some have made contributions to the clean-up efforts.
In all likelihood, the monetary losses will be in the billions of dollars before a large oil spill has been cleaned effectively enough to halt the efforts. In past oil spills, tourist areas, fishing, canning and other industries which depended on the fish for their own livelihood have suffered devastating losses. The placement of this oil spill makes it uncertain whether or not it will touch land in any areas that are prone to large tourist populations. In many such large oil spills, the damages that the oil causes to the marine life, the fishing industry and many others have lasted for several years.
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