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Oil floats on water. So when you need to contain an oil spill, a floating boom is the obvious answer. But which boom is the right one for the job?
Fortunately, it's not that difficult to figure out which one to get. Floating booms come in various types, each of them designed for different types of environments.
For example, there are booms for calm waters, and others for rough waters. And then, there are booms for shallow bodies of water, while others are perfect for the open ocean and harbor areas.
For calm and protected waters, including marinas and inland waterways, the EconoMax Oil Spill Containment Boom would be a great choice. It's particularly useful if you need to contain not just oil but also debris. Its compact size and light weight as well as its comparatively low price point make it a no-brainer to have on hand in case of an emergency.
Even better, its flat foam panels can be folded so it's easy to store in boats and vehicles. This way, it's easy to have them handy if it should be needed to contain a spill.
This boom also has handles as well as anchor points. You may also want to get some accessories, including reflectors, lights, anchors, carry bags, and repair kits.
If you're dealing with calm and very shallow waters, a better choice might be the Super Swamp Containment Boom. It's even lighter in weight and can be transported with ease. It has a cylindrical foam float and a galvanized ballast chain, as well as sturdy aluminum quick connectors.
If you need to protect shorelines or coastal areas, you will need something a little sturdier. The Simplex Oil Booms are the perfect floating booms for the job. In fact, it's the industry standard for oil containment booms.
Finally, if you're dealing with fast currents, you should consider Optimax I or II Floating Booms. Not only can they withstand fast currents, but they are also ideal for long term deployment.
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