Saturday, 5 March 2011

Oil Spill Claims: File Them Now

By Richard Trott

April 20 2010 is a day that many people will surely not forget too soon. In this day, the British Petroleum company has caused one of the greatest disasters in the history of oil spills and there were also, among the thousands of people affected by the spill, 11 people who were killed in the incident. According to the information that was passed in by international news agencies, there has been a daily estimation of twenty five thousand barrels of oil that were spilled on a daily basis in the Gulf of Mexico. This caused many things to come to a halt, especially the fishing industries, tourism industries, oil extraction and many more. If you are someone whose life has been affected by this disaster, then you should not worry too much about this, as you will be able to get your life back in no time, by delving into the BP Claim Process and filing a claim. Here are the steps that you will need to take in order to successfully achieve this.
The 1st step you will need to take is round up all the documents that will be needed in this process, so that you can prove that your life has been affected by the spill. You should know that your claim can regard the loss of your income, revenue and wages. Also, if you own a business, then you will need to bring solid proof in your business numbers in the year of 2009 and this year, when you have been affected by the spill. Also, if you are someone who works for a company, you will need to have your W-2 forms for last year prepared and also your pay stubs.
The second thing you will need to do will be to have your claim filled in. The form can also be downloaded from the internet if you don't have any other ways of getting it. There will be some basic question that you will need to answer to and you will be asked for personal information, like occupation, address, full name and so on. If your property has been damaged by the oil spill, then you will need to provide good info in regards to this.
The third and final step will be to have your form submitted to a claim office. You will be contacted in maximum 48 hours so that the interim payment will be discussed. BP has made a monthly interim payment of five thousand dollars.
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