Saturday, 5 March 2011

Filing Your Oil Spill Claims

By Richard Trott

The oil spill that has been caused by BP has taken many people by storm and affected their live profoundly. The government has immediately taken action and asked BP to make sure that everyone will be compensated in a timely fashion so that they will be able to return to their normal lives as soon as possible. The oil company has been very much cooperative in this and has promised to take swift efforts in order to help everyone that has suffered because of them, return to their normal lives.
If you are someone who has been affected by the oil spill, then you will need to know how to properly file your Oil Spill Claims and get the help that you are raving for, but if you are not too versed in this subject, don't worry, as after reading this article, you will know exactly what you must do and how to do it.
The compensation that you will receive will help you big time in getting your life back and be in for the same successful (hopefully) life that you had lead before this unfortunate incident. There were a lot of fishermen who were affected by this incident and also many people who worked along the coast.
The Oil Pollution Act which was issued in 1990, states that if anyone whose life has been affected by an oil spill, will need to be compensated as soon as possible from the company that has caused the havoc. After you will read this act and you will soon understand how things work, you will be able to file your BP claim and get compensated.
The company has hired around one thousand people in order to deal with the ones that have been affected by their mistakes and there are also thirty three offices that are present along Louisiana, Alabama, Florida and other states. Up until today, there were around sixty four thousand claims filed and the total costs that the company paid until now stack up to over one hundred million dollars.
You can also contact your lawyer if you don't know how the procedures work and he will tell you everything you need to know about this. When it comes to you, you should be able to provide proof that you have suffered from the oil spill and demonstrate just how you and your property or business have been affected by the oil spill.
Make sure to take the right steps and you will surely get compensated, as BP has $20 billion prepared for this.
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Richard Trott - EzineArticles Expert Author