Thursday, 10 February 2011

What's the Truth About Global Warming

Global Warming or global climate change has been in the news for about a decade now with governments and corporations cooperating to reverse the greenhouse effect of trapping more heat that gradually increase surface temperatures. These gasses are mostly from human activity resulting from the use of fossil fuels in cars, coal-fired power plants, heating systems from fuels or natural gasses and appliances that release CO2.
Deforestation contributes to the problem as increasingly less CO2 are converted to oxygen. Not only does increased CO2 traps heat, it also traps methane gasses that occur naturally with decomposing organic waste from garbage landfills and decaying plants and dead animals as well as the processing of fossil fuels.
Scientific statistical data shows that the last 150 years of the industrial age saw the increase of CO2 by 31% and over the same period, atmospheric methane rose by 151%. The consequence is increased heat being trapped in the atmosphere with less escaping into space. The phenomenon alters climates and weather patterns that cause severe and more frequent storms, coastal flooding from a melting polar ice cap and the prolonging draughts and winters.
But is this just a hoax?
Recent developments have alleged a "Climategate" conspiracy that exposes the global warming scare as a fraudulent attempt on a global scale by corporations and governments in collusion with dishonest scientists. In November last year, the interest was aflame with news of an earth-shaking scandal from leaked emails and data from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia in the UK that has served the primary source and advocacy on the theory of Global Warming and served the motive guidance behind the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
The leaked information from download files showed more than 4000 documents that abundantly point to a falsification of data used by scientists to support of the Global Warming scare. These documents have been authenticated and provided clear evidence of a conspiracy further fueled by the CRU's repeated refusal to release their computer model data for the basis of the Global Warming theories they have foisted on unsuspecting governments, people and industries.
Who Benefits?
The debate is now simmering and has polarized the scientific community on the issue. The bottom-line seems to be, who will benefit if it's a hoax? The Global warming scare has effectively put car makers to come out with new hybrid non-carbon-emitting vehicles. It has compelled oil companies to look for alternative power sources and has certainly impacted our lifestyles with impositions on our consuming habits and to use more earth-friendly products. There's big money involved, no doubt. On the other hand, if global warming is a fraud, the big oil companies would be the first to benefit as they can continue spewing CO2 into the atmosphere. Time to pause and think.
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