Thursday, 10 February 2011

Sustainability of the Ecological System

The ecological system of this planet is being heavily affected by the adverse emissions and the negative impacts that humans are leaving on Mother Earth, and this is severely affecting the sustainability of it.
When we talk about ecology, there are a variety of things that come to mind. The first thing that comes to the mind of a person upon hearing the word 'ecology' is the environment and the surroundings concerning weather, the ozone and all related activities. However, the meaning of the planet's ecological system is much more complex and diverse than that. The ecological system of the planet Earth is the system on which the planet thrives, and if this system fails, then the sustainability of Planet Earth would fall down to zero and it would completely fall apart. This could result in large scale destruction, and if the ecological system of earth fails, then life as we know it would cease to exist. We would all be transported back to the Stone Age if the sustainability of the ecological system of Planet Earth falters, therefore it is vital that we take care of our planet and keep it functioning properly.
Some of the main activities of humans that are affecting the sustainability of the ecological system are enlisted in this article. The most harmful thing that is affecting the planet in a very adverse manner is the rapid consumption of all the natural resources of the planet. We are excavating large amounts of resources for use in a lot of fields, and there is no way by which the planet could replenish its resources in a quick manner. The least it is going to take the planet to effectively rebuild all its resources is somewhere in the region of a million years, and this is huge as compared to the need of the people. We need to take care of our planet, and if we don't then the planet won't take care of us. It's as simple as that. The sustainability of the ecological system is also heavily affected by the large amounts of waste materials that are ejected in to the atmosphere by factories and plants. Not just in the air, but emissions of harmful and toxic wastes are also released in to the waters of rivers and seas. It is hugely impacting the ecological side of the planet as animals and marine life has begun to get affected in a very negative manner.
The whole ecological system is linked and inter connected and the failure of any of any one chain or link can result in the total destruction of the whole ecological system. Therefore, it is vital that in order to maintain the sustainability of the planet, we take good care of, however, we are certainly not doing so at the moment. We need to plan any activity that is done by humans and see what its effects could be on the sustainability of the ecological system of the planet. The extensive use of the planet's natural resources needs to be cut down and we need to develop alternatives such as renewable resources to facilitate our stay on this planet. The sustainability of the ecological system is directly linked to the sustainability of the human race.
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