Friday, 18 February 2011

Tidings on Energy Agreements Taking Place Across the World to Ameliorate the Energy Sector

The China National Petroleum Company has penned an agreement with Shell to ameliorate the heavy oil in Canada. The president of the China National Petroleum Company Jiang Jiemin and Peter Voser, the chief executive officer of the Royal Dutch Shell has contracted in Beijing, to develop the oil and gas projects in Canada and to enhance the coal bed methane in China. The PetroChina Company has planned to produce investments in energy and it has allotted around 60 billion USD for the overseas acquisitions and it aims to amend the relationship with international energy companies for inducing the global expansion. National Oil Companies in China wielded the Chinese oil sector tremendously and in earlier years, the government of China reorganized the oil and gas assets in to two companies such as Sinopec and China National Petroleum Company.
The Sinopec and China National Petroleum Company has worked together, promoted great deal of energy investments and dominated the Chinese Oil market during the down streams and up streams.
Africa Oil Corporation, oil and natural gas drilling company established in Canada has recently declared that, the company has signed agreements to acquire the complete outstanding stocks of the company, which were issued to the TSX Venture Exchange. Centric Energy Corporation, leading oil and natural gas exploring company based in London has is assets in Block 10BA in Kenya, this is located in the core of the Tertiary Rift System. The Africa Oil Corporation is operating in the region between the South Omo Block and 10 BA oil block. The Block 10 BA is extremely under explored area and it covers roughly 16200 square kilometers and the recent discoveries made in the Albert Graben in the Uganda can produce more than two billion barrels of oil.
The 3i Group Plc, private equity company established in London, has planned to boost the green energy investments in India so allocated nearly 1.5 billion USD for the development of the infrastructure. The Chief Executive Officer of the 3i Group Plc announced that, the company has planned to provide energy investments for ameliorating the power sector, roads and ports. Michael Queen asserted that, the company has provided investments only to India since the rate of growth opportunity is high in India, when compared with other countries of the world. Adani Power, the independent power manufacturer in India, is included in the portfolio of the 3i Group Plc and the company was listed in a 610 USD initial public offering in 2009. The GVK Power and Infrastructure recently announced to 3i Group Plc that, they invest around 177 million USD for the GVK Energy.
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