Friday, 18 February 2011

4 Effective Tips To Prevent Pimples From Ever Coming Back

It's amazing how these little pimples can have such a negative effect on our lives. Our confidence levels drop, our self-esteem lowers, we have a hard time focusing because all we can think about is our acne-filled face.
It is not okay to have to stay indoors and skip out on parties just because of a few pimples. With all the advances in technology and scientific research, you would think there would be a instant cure for this awful disease by now.
There are millions of expensive creams and chemicals that claim to be the best way to prevent pimples, but the best cures are the natural ones. The cheap ones that anyone can do right from home.
Here are some simple things to do to prevent pimples from occurring:
1. Stay away from pomades and oily hair products. Most of the time, these products can clog up your pores and cause an infection. These clogged pore can lead to blackheads or painful pimples.
2. Drink 8 - 12 glasses of water a day. Keeping your body hydrated will keep your skin energized and healthy. Your body uses water to flush out all the bad chemicals and toxins that may get trapped inside your system.
3. Do not wear heavy oil-based makeup. The reasoning for this is obvious. It goes along the same lines as not using oil based hair products.
4. Be sure to eat fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. The vitamins and nutrients in fruits and vegetables are the best natural cure for all diseases (including acne).
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