Sunday, 6 March 2011

Oil Spill Rants and Raves and Where Are the Oil Spill Jobs?

By Joy Schardt-Smith

Every time I see the news I am shocked at how few boats and people are in and around the coastlines cleaning up the oil. We know PB has the money to hire people. Why aren't they hiring people all along the coast to clean up the oil? In a few photos we see workers, but in many more photos we see no one except for a reporter and a handful of people looking on with sadness and helplessness at the situation.
Where are the boats that skim up the oil? What are BP and the President waiting for? Granted everyone was busy trying to figure out a way to stop the oil leaking, but why have they done so little to clean up the oil that has already leaked? Can they only think of one thing at a time? I would have thought while BP was thinking about how to stop the leak, they would have hired people to start clean up immediately. Granted it is an overwhelming task, but the longer they wait to do this on a massive scale the worse it all becomes. The more death to animals, sea creatures and birds the sadder this whole situation becomes.
I live on the East Coast of Florida and fortunately the oil has not appeared here to my knowledge. The economy is going to be hit on the West coast of Florida and in the Pan Handle which will ultimately affect all of Florida to some extent. Unemployment is already high enough here in Florida. The housing market is already in shambles. I can't even imagine how terribly angry and upset the residence in the states closer to the spill feel.
If nothing else BP should be hiring massive people from these areas to work on the clean up efforts. There should be no unemployment at least temporarily in LA.
People need to demand more from both BP and our President. People in other states, unaffected by the oil spill need to get involved. How do we make our voices heard?