Monday, 14 March 2011

Oil Spill Cleanup Jobs

By Ruth Caldon

The Gulf oil spill has affected the local fishing market, the tourism industry and has resulted in a major number of people going out of work. Nearly 423 miles of the shoreline across the Gulf of Mexico is being affected by the 100,000 barrels of petroleum oil that gushes out of broken pipes each day. The petroleum companies that are responsible for this ongoing disaster are hiring people to help in cleaning up the oil mess by providing oil spill cleanup jobs to the masses. Many NGOs and other voluntary organisations have taken up the cleanup drive along the shoreline.
Most people seem to have found a new way to get income and do their bit for the environment by applying for the oil spill cleanup jobs. In coastal Louisiana, this has created a mini job boom with many agencies hiring people to help clean the oil mess. The petroleum company, BP, is also taking in applications for different positions to oil spill cleanup jobs.
When there is an oil spill, the oil is washed ashore and affects the coastline. A quick effort is required to avoid the oil from mixing with the sediment on the shoreline. Different cleanup methods that are undertaken include using barriers to herd the oil spill away from shorelines, pressure washing, manual cleaning efforts, removal of oil debris, sedimentation, and many others. These cleanup jobs are open for all and most of them do not require any dedicated skill sets. Different types of work, like cleaning up the oil spill on the shore, relocating and taking care of wildlife affected by the oil spill, offshore work, etc. are available. Some of the other positions that are being offered are technicians, chemists, engineers, labourers, environmental specialists, health workers, project heads, and general cleanup workers.
There are many websites where you can apply for shore protection and oil spill cleanup jobs. Once you register on these sites, you will be notified on the different jobs that are open in your county by e mail or phone. You may choose the one best suited for you. Most of these jobs are being coordinated by Risk Management Disaster Services, a contractor who specialises in cleanup and recovery services. Other companies also hire people for the same. You may apply as either as an individual or as a contractor.
If you sign up as an individual, you may have to undergo training for the oil spill cleanup jobs. The training may last up to 40 hours wherein you will educated on oil spill basics, what you are required to do and your skills will be analysed before you are placed, to ensure that you are up for the job.
Ruth Caldon - EzineArticles Expert Author