Monday, 14 February 2011

Quick Fix Tips For Treating Acne

Use an electric razor. This is because they move with the contours of your skin which will help you to avoid acne breakouts or making any existing acne any worse. If you prefer not to use an electric razor because they don't shave close enough to the skin for your liking, then you can instead use a single blade.
This will help to prevent the hairs catching on double edged blades which means that they are ripped out of the skin rather than shaved off. This then causes scabs to form which can then cause in-growing hairs. Acne can develop or worsen as a result of this. Ensure that you follow a very thorough cleansing routine and remove any cosmetics from your skin every evening.
This is particularly important if you have done any exercise and have residual perspiration left on your skin. Avoid heavy oil based make-up and instead choose products that are especially designed for acne-prone skin. Many products indicate on the label whether they are oil free or non-comedogenic. Metallic or shimmering products often include a mineral called mica which can irritate the skin and cause a bad reaction or acne outbreaks.
Products which are derived from coal tar, carmine and thick creamy blushers are also often very bad for acne sufferers and should be avoided. Matte lip colors are often better for your skin than thick glosses. The thicker the product and the higher the shine then the more comedogenic content that the product will contain. Eye shadows and creams formulated for the eye area can also be heavier and thicker and so have greater potential to block the pores on any other areas of the fact that it may come into contact with.
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