Monday, 31 January 2011

Who Has Profited From The Oil Spill In Florida?

The oil spill in Florida represented both a disaster and a starting point for several companies. First of all, the damage it produced affected many businesses and also the life on the Gulf coast shores. The tourism in the affected area recorded a downfall as hotel reservations were canceled. Restaurants lacked fresh seafood and local people could no longer earn money from the fishing industry.
The tragedy produced by the oil spill almost destroyed the economy in the area and also had a disastrous impact on the life in the sea. Corpses of turtles, birds, dolphins and fish were brought on shore, threatening to give birth to a general epidemic disease.
But whenever there's a crisis, there's always someone to profit from it. The oil spill disaster represented a gold mine for those who could seize the moment. Many of them came up with various ideas about how to fight the oil spilled in the Gulf.
Miraculous cleaning products that could make the stains of oil disappear and the clean-up gears were among the most common things to bring money to ingenious people. Others found it profitable to rent boats used in cleaning the waters or to rent shelters for the ones who were willing to give a hand.
The oil spill in Florida represented a weak point for the company which produced it and a strong point for the competitors who could turn the disaster into their advantage. Lots of machineries were also invented, such as turbines to separate the oil from the water or chemical dispersant to break up oil slicks.
Recruiting companies had to gain good money as many people were needed to help clean the waters. Suing the company responsible for the oil spill was a profitable action for lawyers, too. They made lots of money fighting in the court of law for the people who were affected by the unpleasant incident.
It will be never known if the oil spill was a sabotage action or a pure negligence. Nevertheless, it helped some people become rich and others become aware they could gain easy money. Property and environmental damage, health problems, lost business and personal income, they could all become a profitable affair, only if exploited appropriately.
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