Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Oil Spill Causes More Than 2,500 Birds to Die

by Reno Charlton

Oil spilled from a Chinese freighter after the ship collided with a Polish vessel in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Sweden has caused the deaths of more than 2,500 birds.

The crew of the Fu Shan Hai quickly evacuated as the freighter began sinking, but returned a few hours later to minimize the amount of oil spilled.

Hundreds of volunteers are currently working to clean up the spill.

Approximately 1,500 of the dead birds inhabited the nearby Danish island of Christiansoe. The remainder lived along the Swedish coast.

"This accident (shows) the risks involved in shipping," said World Wildlife Fund - Sweden Secretary General Lars Kristoferson.

"It is important that the entire Baltic Sea be designated as a Particularly Sensitive Sea Area," said a Fund spokesperson. "That would make it possible to regulate international shipping (in the Sea)."

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Published: 6/17/2003