Tuesday, 25 January 2011

BP Plans Static Kill Tonight

The temporary cap put on the gushing well in the Gulf by BP over two weeks ago has become the key to what may ultimately be the final solution to sealing the well. BP is going to attempt once again to pump heavy mud down the well pipe in order to plug the pipe and stabilize it that permanent cement can be poured on top to seal the well head. The cap that has been in place for nearly three weeks makes this new attempt much different than the top kill strategy that failed over a month ago.

The difference now is that the flow of oil has been stopped, so there is much less pressure for the incoming mud to overcome while it is being pumped into the pipe. According to BP, this difference makes the new static kill approach an option that is most likely going to seal the well pipe for good.

In addition to sealing the well head, the relief well is going to attempt to seal the well from its source, thus making the possibility of future problems even more remote. The relief well procedure will be made much easier if a successful static kill can be implemented from the top of the well head.

With the flow of oil having been stopped for nearly three weeks, there is already some talk of just how safe the waters are that were once tainted by the oil. Some commercial and recreational fishing grounds have been re-opened, but there is still much debate as to exactly how safe things are in these areas. In another risky PR maneuver, the chief operating officer of BP - Doug Settles - told reporters that he believed any reports provided by government agencies regarding the safety of seafood in the gulf. He said he would eat it and he would have his family eat it if it was deemed to be safe by the government.

By Buzzle Staff and Agencies
Published: 8/2/2010